Sunday, July 01, 2007

Great review for Lipstick Ladies and Doodling Divas

Lipstick Ladies and Doodling Divas
What does your lipstick reveal about you? Is the shape curved, worn down on one side, lopsided, flat? All of this means something about your love life. The short snippets of each lady will make you think, ”I’m like that” or “what does that mean about me”? Can the color or the way a lipstick is worn down entice the men they thought they could never have? The cast is dynamic with such characters as Peg to a Point, Angular Angie, Curved Carrie, plus more. You will find a lady you relate to and chuckle at the insight and antics of their lives. They are very much like you and I. The doodlers include Rainbow Baby and the Queen of Hearts to mention a few. What do the doodles mean and how will the men use the diva’s doodles to get the divas to notice? It’s all fun and games. Cara Preston has written a unique work that will have you grinning from one lady to the doodlers. Who knew lipstick and doodling attracted men? Lipstick Ladies and Doodling Divas is a fun, humorous read. Ms. Preston had my mind wandering to my own lipsticks. How are they shaped and what do my doodles reveal about myself? A very, very enjoyable read. Reviewed by: Tracey at Fallen Angel Reviews


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