Friday, February 02, 2007

Here is a review of LIPSTICK LADIES AND DOODLING DIVAS from TCM Reviews:

Lipstick Ladies and Doodling DivasCara PrestonMardi Gras Publishing ISBN: 0-9789986-8-5Fiction, Erotic Reviewed by RIPLipstick Ladies is a compilation of very short stories with mixed seasonings. Starting off with breaking a mirror used to put on lipstick in the store and having it paid for by another patron, moving along to working in a travel agency and someone wishing to show them something they hadn't seen before.The reader will find some small delights in the tales within the pages, no sappy love scenes, no real hard suspense just simple with the very first blush of flirtation supplied. Although it moves pretty quick, it is lacking a lot of in depth details, very few characters to work with, supplying only the two major ones for the most part within each short story. Cara Preston gives to her audience the lighter side of a beginning romance, so if your seeking to just brush along the edges of a deep involved complicated romance, Lipstick Ladies and Doodling Divas is a suggested read.

Now I'm looking forward to seeing PINK LIPPED SUNRISE Valentine poetry to be released on Feb. 10 at Mardi Gras Publishing!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

romantic love poem

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Blogger Cara Preston said...

Glad you liked the love poem!

3:44 PM  

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