Sunday, September 24, 2006

Why Write Romance?

I am a multi-genre writer but what moves me to write romance is the sheer concept of falling in love. Nothing is more moving or inspirational. Love and romance has inspired many beautiful works of art such as films, paintings, music and literature. Romance is what greases the gears so to speak and yeah, you can run with that expression if you like. (smile) I like to write about people who find themselves destined to be together and what drives them toward each other. Humor is another key element because flirtatious joking that takes place during the inception of the relationship is vital. Sitting down to write romantic stories requires a boost of adrenaline and a touch of magic. When the Muse hits, you have to rush to that special spot to jot it down.
Besides, you know what they say about love making the world go 'round.... or makes those fingers hit the keys.... yeah baby...


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