Friday, September 29, 2006

Release of LIPSTICK LADIES AND DOODLING DIVAS on Saturday, Sept 30

Click on this to see the trailer for LIPSTICK LADIES AND DOODLING DIVAS!

It's being released tomorrow!! I'm so excited!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Why Write Romance?

I am a multi-genre writer but what moves me to write romance is the sheer concept of falling in love. Nothing is more moving or inspirational. Love and romance has inspired many beautiful works of art such as films, paintings, music and literature. Romance is what greases the gears so to speak and yeah, you can run with that expression if you like. (smile) I like to write about people who find themselves destined to be together and what drives them toward each other. Humor is another key element because flirtatious joking that takes place during the inception of the relationship is vital. Sitting down to write romantic stories requires a boost of adrenaline and a touch of magic. When the Muse hits, you have to rush to that special spot to jot it down.
Besides, you know what they say about love making the world go 'round.... or makes those fingers hit the keys.... yeah baby...

Friday, September 22, 2006


Well, it's Friday and life is good. Going to a party tonight and then to a dance. Yeah, baby... I'm excited about the release next week on the 30th of LIPSTICK LADIES AND DOODLING DIVAS at It's a quick read folks... we're all in a rush and this is just the ticket. Ever wondered about those lipstick personality charts? Google one, study it and download to read this ebook. You'll be glad you did!

As I sit here typing, I'm looking at a little mermaid decoration that my secret pal gave me a week ago. My writing group is compiling two mermaid books and this little lovely reminds me that I need to work on that some more. (smile) We're all mermaids, aren't we? A little mystique, keeping 'em guessin' with a flip of the tail. (ha) Memories of Darryl Hannah in Splash come back...

Have a great day!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Lipstick Ladies and Doodling Divas

The inspiration for this collection of short stories, Lipstick Ladies and Doodling Divas, to be published by Mardi Gras Publishing, you should get your hands on one of those lipstick personality charts. They are uncanny in that they reveal your personality just by checking out the way you wear down your lipstick tube. You won't believe it. I saw my chart at a makeup party. Anyway, the chart inspired these stories and the end of the stories contains a few short pieces inspired by the doodle book. Have fun with them when they are released. I had fun writing them...

A MUST READ.... You might see yourself in one of these women...


How many times have you sat by the sea and wondered about the fantasy world of mermaids and sea captains? Living in a nautical area and inspired by sculptures of mermaids, my mind spun stories of such maidens. Once I wrote a story about a mermaid and the very next day, I won a cross stitch picture of a mermaid. Strange, huh? Such is my life...

My writing friends and I are writing two books of such stories. They are under contract by Midnight Showcase. These books will be published next year.