Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Merlcious 3 - Anthology of Mermaid Stories

I understand today that a book that I have a mermaid story in is selling well at Midnight Showcase. Six authors in Chesapeake Romance Writers are in this anthology with me. Mermaids are the group's mascots so to speak and our nearby city, Norfolk, has a mermaid sculpture on nearly every corner.

Our conference, the annual Fantasies by the Sea is coming up November 10 with a big book signing on November 11.

Order Merlicious books 1-3. Books 2 and 3 are written by my fellow writing peers in CRW!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New ebook- PIckup Lines from a Pickup Truck- Cowritten with Spike Fremont

I'm happy to announce that my short stories co-written with Spike Fremont, Pickup Lines from a Pickup Truck, are being released November 1st from Red Rose Publishing. They were great fun to write with him and I look forward to more co-writing in the future. I thought the cover art was especially fun because Spike has dark hair and I have long blonde hair myself.
How often has a pickup line worked on you? Do you know how to work the magic of a line yourself? Have fun either seeing yourself in some of the characters found in the stories or learn something new about the approach in meeting new guys or gals. Check it out!
Cara Preston

The Latest from Cara Preston

For all of you who were interested in Lipstick Ladies and Bachelorette Party, Mardi Gras Publishing has gone belly up now. I will be repackaging these short stories through another
publisher in the near future. As well, as Pink Lipped Sunrise. For anyone wanting to buy these pieces of writing, stay tuned to my finding a new publisher for them.

Thanks so much!

Cara Preston